As a fundamental facility we offer piping system services such as pipeline fabrication, modification, repairing and system testing works for all types of pipes and systems along with which we undertake piping works for FPSO Process Skid Module. The following are the piping systems that we are proficient in and have a reputation of being one of the best service providers in this sector

  • Bilge and ballast Piping System

  • Fire Main Piping System

  • Sea Water Cooling and service Piping System

  • Fresh Water Cooling and service Piping System

  • Lube Oil Piping System, Dirty Oil Piping System

  • Vent & Sound Piping System

  • Compressed Air Piping System and Chemical Dosing Piping System

  • Deck Drain Piping System, Plumping Drain Piping System

  • Deck Machinery Hydraulic Piping System

  • Off ship Fire fighting Piping System

  • Exhaust Gas Piping System

Special Features

Fabricate and Install Piping System (Carbon Steet, Stainless Steel, Super Dupeless Stainless Steel, Copper FRP, GRE)

Air Testing, Hydro testing and High Pressure Testing

Pipeline Commissioning

Flange Management



Services in Piping - Repair and Conversion

Our services also include pipeline structure fabrication and installation for pipes and system to shipyards in Singapore and anchorage at IPL, OPL and Voyage. Our piping works including piping fabrication for (FPSO) Modules, tanks, Pipe racks, Engine room and Pump room. As a resident contractor for reputed shipyards, we have successfully completed numerous conversion projects for FPSO vessels in port. Our expert and certified and skilled welders, carry out repairs and pipe renewal work for carbon steel, copper nickel and stainless steel (316 or 316L) pipes

Piping Specifications

Our dedicated and experienced team provide reliable solutions in Fabrication, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of various ranges of Pipes.

Pipe Repairs

Fabrication jobs are carried out according to drawings, on-site measurements and samples in our workshop, on-board works for modification of pipe systems, new piping systems, pipe repairs and pipe installation are carried out by our onsite working team wherein, such repairs are carried out in Ports, Anchorages and also during sails in special cases.

Our team is our main asset and we value their work

Our Piping and Steelwork teams consists of experts with years of project experience and unmatched skill sets which ensures that we deliver our projects in a safe, productive and timely manner each and every time. Each and every member of our team is highly skilled and certified to carry out their tasks and deliver service excellence which is our trait. Our welders are minimum 3G or 6G certified with further certifications in various disciplines such a TIG, MIG, Super Duplex and Low-Temperature Welding Works, so as to offer our clients a full service suite of services in Piping and Steelwork to turn around any project on time.

Our experienced Project Managers and Project Engineers complement this team by providing comprehensive valuable technical know-how and deliver safe, productive job completions. Our detailed skills upgrading program ensures performance at the highest level. Our dynamic teams are available for positioning at Dry dock, anchorage, offshore and all types of floating platforms that ensure first class works second to none.

Our Works