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Specialized vessels with high technology value


We are serving Marine Industry from many years. We expert in building Ship from Scratch. We are part of many Ship Yards as Sub Contractor. We have Own workshop in Bintang Industry to do all kinds of Jobs with Latest Machinery n Technology. Best service with Best Price.

We have undertaken the latest concepts in design and construction, as well as technological advances in engineering and naval architecture, to meet the needs of our clients relating to the construction of all types of vessels such as tugs, supply vessels, fishing vessels, freighters, oil, dredges, hoppers, self-propelled and non-self-propelled barges, drovers, patrol boats, practical crafts, sea-rescue, antipollution vessels, floating docks, floating cranes, ro-ro ramps, yachts and passenger ships.

New Flint possesses unique skills and experience acquired through decades of challenging shipbuilding projects. Our yard has a strong reputation for building advanced special-purpose ships of superior quality through effective and cost-efficient processes.

We specialize in building advanced vessels for the offshore and cruise and ferry industries, but are capable of handling building of most vessel types and sizes.

We offer full-scale services ranging from concept design development through complete engineering and hull construction to high-end outfitting. We always complete final outfitting in close cooperation with clients and selected suppliers.


As a key facilitator for shipbuilding services we support our customers during the entire process, our keen eye for quality management and the deployment of experienced project managers enables us to guarantee short lead times. In addition, the entire production process is subject to thorough quality management in which each step is analyzed and documented.


Other options include basic engineering, material logistics, financing, prefabrication, hull construction, painting, the prefabrication and installation of ship’s piping systems and outfitting parts. New Flint Shipbuilding offers you an extensive package of extra options.


New Flint manufactured vessels have proven themselves for over 14 years and are dedicated for your marine operations. The entire building process from engineering to delivery, is controlled by New Flint in its own production facilities. Within a matter of weeks New Flint is able to have your vessel ready for delivery.