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Experienced Workforce

The mechanical work-services1

The mechanical work is accomplished by highly qualified and experienced workforce under the strict vigilance of QA and QC processes.

The machine shop is well equipped with small, medium and large Boring and Lathe machines, and machines for grinding, milling, slotting, drilling, balancing, pressing, band sawing, sharpening. There are also furnaces for demetalling, electrical bathing, and tilting. A separate workshop is also equipped with dedicated, qualified and experienced staff to undertake all kind of Rudder & Propeller work.

Turbochargers, Governors, Fuel system, Hydraulic machineries, White metal, Chock fasting and many other jobs are being carried out in-house along with our specialised contractors. Portable and in-situ special machines are also available in order to assist the onboard work.

New Flint possesses unique skills and experience acquired through decades of challenging shipbuilding projects. Our yard has a strong reputation for building advanced special-purpose ships of superior quality through effective and cost-efficient processes.

We specialize in building advanced vessels for the offshore and cruise and ferry industries, but are capable of handling building of most vessel types and sizes.

Our Services Include:

  • 1. Overhaul Main Engine, Aux. Engine and Generators
  • 2. Overhaul and new install Propulsion system
  • 3. Overhaul Thrusters and New Install with Alignment
  • 4. Overhaul Cranes, Winches and Hydraulic cylinders
  • 5. Overhaul all kind of Pumps (Ex: Cargo pump, Ballast pump etc…)
  • 6. Overhaul Sea valves, Safety valves and Boiler mounting valves
  • 7. Overhaul Solenoid valves and Actuators
  • 8. Service/Repairs Heat Exchangers, Oil coolers and hydro test
  • 9. Service Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • 10. New install all kind of Deck machinery equipment’s